April 30th – Progressive Snapshot Program

I still teeter between feeling ticked-off or depressed. I have not been stressing eating this week, which probably has something to do with it. Along with my period, the rain, and stressing over my business.
But today I want to talk about this Progressive Snapshot program. In case you have been living under a rock, it is a program where you allow Progressive Insurance to monitor very specific stats on your driving habits for a potentially reduced insurance rate.
I am on a budget. I need to save money wherever I can. So I signed up.
The Snapshot contraption monitors the following things.
– What time of day you drive
– How many miles you drive
– How long you drive each trip (time)
– Hard breaks
If you avoid driving late at night/very early morning, this helps you. If you drive less than 30 miles a day, this helps you. And avoiding hard breaking as much as possible helps you as well.
Now that may seem rather restrictive, but it is not bad. Here, though, is the list of risky behaviors I am so thankful the Snapshot program does not monitor…
1) How Loud My Music Is
If they knew how loud I can and will blast Ke$ha on my way to church on Sunday mornings my insurance would definitely go up! But lucky for me (and Ke$ha) Progressive does not know!
2) I Sometimes Drive From the Office to Home Without Putting on My Seatbelt
Do you know how far down the road the office is from our driveway? Not even 100 yards. Yes, accidents can and do happen anywhere. Especially within 25 miles of home. I just do not want to fight with my high heels, my dress, my cross-body purse, AND my seatbelt sometimes.
3) How Loud I Scream in the Car
I have road rage. Not the kind where I will follow you to the grocery store and then take out your headlights with a baseball bat. Just the kind where I may scream profanities at the top of my lungs as I describe to Ke$ha how no one knows how to drive except us.
I never had road rage until I went to college. I dare you to spend one day driving around Fayetteville, NC and not let a profanity slip. $20 says it cannot be done.
4) How Long I Make-Out With Matt in the Backseat in Places We Can Get Caught
Matt and I see each other twice a week (generally). A lot of times we have very busy Sundays with little to no time to just enjoy each other’s company. In which case, you best believe we are looking for someplace (private) where I can fully admire his blue eyes, soft lips, and the way his arms wrap around me. And my biggest fear is getting caught. Not that we are doing anything wrong or indecent! But people who may walk by do not know that.
Well, that wraps up my list. After a month on the program I will be saving nearly $200 a year on my car insurance now! So thank you Progressive. Both for the saved cash and for allowing Ke$ha and I to continue our tour.


April 29th – Lost

I feel all out of sorts tonight. It has been one of those days where I attempt to self-quarantine. I am in a funk where I may snap at those who are unlucky to find themselves around me.
Tonight I feel rather neglected by my family. Heather is absorbed in picking out paint colors for the farm house. Have I mentioned her and Jake are moving into the farm now Grandma has passed? Well they are.
Heather keeps asking me what color I would choose for this room or that room. I pick one and she then explains why she like another color better. Okay, fine. Apparently you know what you want. Stop asking me.
Mom is busy helping Heather pick curtains and bed sheets. I tried to hang out with Mom tonight and she snapped at me and said she wanted to be alone. Dad is busy with dealing with my Grandparent’s estate and trust and spends most of his time at the farm.
And here I am, struggling to get my business started.
Thursday is the start of my first Get Golf Ready! program. Despite flyers and posting all the time on my business Facebook page, I have no one signed up. I do not even have anyone signed up for my free 20 minute lessons on Friday. My only hope right now is that people just show up. The $2,625 I have invested in range balls is looking really stupid right now.
I feel defeated and worthless. It feels like I have hit a dead end. I have run out of easy ideas to get the word out about my programs at Edgewater. Would putting an advertisement in the newspaper do any good, or would that just be more money down the drain? Would other courses in the area who do not have professionals be okay with me even asking if I can put a flyer up at their facility, or will they tell me to get lost? Would a school be okay with me bringing in flyers to post my junior camps, or are they not allowed to let me do that?
I feel so lost.

April 28th – Weight-loss Woes

I feel awful today. I have mild cramps and a general feeling of “blah”. So much so I hardly cared to eat today. Which is crazy because I literally plan my days around eating.
I have gained two pounds this month. The nominees for my biggest stresses/reasons-why-I-eat-too-much go to…
1) The End of Tax Season Rush
2) Living with my Out of Control Sister
3) Agonizing Over How Many Miles I Drive a Day With Progressive’s SnapShot Program
But the number one reason why I stress ate this last month is…
Can you guess where the extra weight has gone?
My stomach. The front of my stomach to be exact. And I am very boated and I honestly look about five months pregnant. Which is twice the disappointment because A) I’m fat, and B) There is no baby on the way. I really cannot win right now.
And I almost passed out because my period just cranked it up a notch on the blood. Was not expecting that. I am not good with blood in general and that was almost enough to send me to bed early.
I better crawl into bed before it go on a midnight wine and chocolate raid.

April 27th – Close Call!

I nearly forgot to post tonight! Luckily I remembered before I fell asleep.
Today we celebrated Lisa’s birthday. We went to her favorite restaurant for lunch after church. Tonight Matt and I helped Larry with putting up screening around the back porch.
I got back home about a half hour ago and I miss Matt. We had a great weekend together and we really needed it. Our lives become very busy quite quickly. I think we of a great job of taking time out for each other regularly and working on our relationship continuously.
It looks like it will rain the next three days, so I will be working at the office. Which is fine because one of my coworkers is away on vacation and it is a big payroll week for us. Plus, I need the money to pay for these new range balls!

April 26th – Date Day with Matt

Today Matt and I went up to the Grove City area. We rarely get to spend a day with each other outside of Sundays, so this was a treat for us.
We first went to lunch at Hoss’s. And then we went to the outlets to find birthday presents for Lisa. Matt bought her a Vera Bradley purse and I bought her an outfit from The Loft. I also bought my Mom a Coach purse for Mother’s Day.
Then we drove to Foxburg. Matt had often drove there when he was in college and really wanted me to see the town.
Afterwards we went to Maraine State Park and walked, and then drove back home.
I feel exhausted. Probably because I have had so much going on in the last month.
Matt is so vexed with trying to find a teaching job and pleasing his Mom away the same time. I wish I knew how to comfort him and tell him it will all work out. He cares so much and I wish Lisa could see how much Matt has been working to make his teaching dreams come true. Unfortunately, I think Matt will have to take a teaching job without his mother’s blessing.

April 25th – A Semi-truck Full of Range Balls!

My range balls came in today! They were delivered by a UPS semi-truck to the office. I have them stored away in the garage.
I am pretty much in business at this point.
I had my first Rotary Club meeting today as a guest. About half of the people there I already knew, so I felt very comfortable there. I really enjoyed it.
I have decided to join. I think it is a group I will greatly benefit from being a part of both professionally and personally. And hopefully I have a lot to bring to the table as well.
Tomorrow I will be spending the day with Matt and staying overnight at his house. He has not yet nailed down what he wants to do tomorrow, but he did say to bring clothes I am okay with getting dirty in. Mud wrestling perhaps?

April 24th – The Resourceful Golf Professional

This morning it was posted on Facebook that my aunt would have having a barn sale today. She is selling off supplies she uses for her horse boarding business she is getting out of.
I thought this might be a opportunity to find some things for my golf business.
And I did!
I found great horse feed buckets I plan to use for setting out my range balls. I also found a refilling water bowl I want to repurpose to clean my new range balls.
The best part is I found these things for a great price and it helped my aunt out!
It looks like it will rain all day tomorrow, so I most likely will not be able to play. That is a bummer.
I am still feeling anxious. There is so much uncertainty and everything it unknown. I am taking a gamble with this golf business. I have no idea if this will ever pay off.