Thank goodness. I feel a big sense of relief. Even though inward I had already developed a “screw this” attitude about getting THIS venue booked before someone else does.
What would I have done if The Quarry had been booked? I would seriously look for ways for Matt and I to plan and pay for the wedding on our own. Just so we could make all the decisions.
I mean, seriously. Dad was arguing that a few possible centerpiece items I liked would be “too tall”. And then Mom was arguing with me over what time the wedding should start.
And that was just on the car ride over.
Matt has mostly resigned himself that we are going to have little say in the wedding. I am still trying to fight for what I want.
I think the problem is my parents already have a lot of ideas. Ideas they have used for Heather’s wedding. Which is fine because Heather goes to them for help on EVERYTHING.
What makes planning our wedding different is that I already have a lot of my own ideas. And my parents are not used to that.
Shocker, I know.
From what I have heard about conflicts like this is it is usually over money. Usually the bride wants something the parents have deemed to be too expensive.
But all of my conflicts are over a centerpiece being deemed two inches too high and a half-hour difference in ceremony start time.
Well, I am going to buy those centerpiece so like. And once Matt and I begin discussing with my pastor what we want from the ceremony, then we will set a start time.
And that is that!


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