June 21st – And so it Drags on…

I feel far from being out of the woods.
Last night I woke up to burning and itching… Well, not in a good place. It was easy for me to figure out I most likely have a yeast infection.
Thank you Web MD for the diagnosis. And Pinterest. Pinterest helped too.
So it was 3:30 in the morning and I just wanted the pain to go away so I could sleep. So what does a girl do?
Pinterest did not disappoint.
I founds tons of home remedies for yeast infections. Only, I did not have any of the items needed at home. Minor detail.
The only remedy I could have done was this: dipping the tip of a tampon into yogurt and insert for thirty minutes.
Eating yogurt is bad enough! But putting yogurt… No. Absolutely not. So not happening.
Unfortunately for me, the only place that would be open with yeast infection combat products would be Walmart. And the nearest Walmart is twenty minutes away. In Alliance.
Going to the Alliance Walmart at 4:00 in the morning is another item to add to the growing list if things I will not do. No thank you!
I gave up the charade of going back to sleep just after 5:00. Sophie was impatient for breakfast. She already knew I was not going to be able to sleep again very soon. So I obliged.
After eating breakfast, sending Matt an early email, and watching the news, I did find myself able to go to sleep again around 7:00. So I did and slept until 10:00.
I was delayed from getting the yeast infection drugs. Heather caught wind I was going to look at a wedding dress that was shipped into town so I could see it. She wanted to come with me so she could buy the pair of earrings she had decided to go with for her wedding.
Heather ended up pulling more dresses for me to try on after she nixed the dresses I liked from the other day. I am quickly realizing wedding dress shopping will not be as easy as I had thought.
Afterwards at Rite Aid Heather was able to convince me to go to Canton with her to look for cheaper shampoo and conditioner and to shop for decor for the farm house. Oh, and lunch. Picked up by me.
I hit my wall by the fourth store we entered. I ended up sitting on beautifully upholstered chairs at the last two stores while Heather shopped and brought things over to me for my opinion.
In the last store I nearly did not make it to the restroom in time. My digestion is still off, but improving. But I do not trust my body. I do not want to ended up like Maya Rudolph’s character in Bridesmaids. You know which scene I am talking about…
And so, it was not until late this afternoon when I returned from my “quick trip” into town I was able to start treatment.
Alright, I have hit another wall.
Good night.


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