June 22nd – Recovery?

Matt and I decided to start looking and thinking about what we want to wear for our engagement pictures. I was very pleasantly surprised when we were able to find and purchase exactly what we wanted today! And I must say, we look awfully cute together…
I am starting to feel better. I did not hit, what I like to call, the wall until almost 8:00. But a cup of coffee prepared by Matt and a few cookies helped me make it back home.
My stomach was trustworthy all day until I was about twenty minutes from home. Then in was a rush to the restroom. Once again, think Maya’s character in Bridesmaids.
I have figured out I usually start to feel my spleen and/or liver throb a few hours before my stomach issues start. Maybe it will take another day or two of probiotics before everything starts to right itself. The Mono could be making it harder for my body to recover and normalize.
I no longer feel burning, although there was a little bit of itch today. But I was definitely feeling better than I did the other night.
The best thing so far is I had a good night’s sleep last night. I really needed that. I also need yet another good night’s rest, so I am bringing this to a close.


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