June 23rd – Back to Golf

I started to get back into my business today. I took all of last week off to rest. Unfortunately, I am still exhausted.
I was out a lot longer than I had anticipated. My last lesson arrived late and I had a lot more range balls to pick up. If I ever end up teaching at a private club again I will never ever take for granted having some high school kid pick the range up for me.
My upper back and my jaw line feel like they are bruised. I do not know why. It is as if I was in a fist fight last night, only the other guy did not leave a mark.
Matt and I have a very busy week or two. Well, let us not beat around the bush. We have a very busy YEAR ahead of us. We have the Rotary Club President’s Dinner on Thursday, then i go to my parent’s boat on Friday to play in the yacht club golf scramble on Saturday. Matt has another set of seminars on Saturday for the barbershop choir. I am going to drive home Saturday night because I need to lead the hymns on Sunday while Matt volunteers to lead the Children in Worship service.
Oh, and we have careers to start, moving to do, and a wedding to plan to boot.
We certainly have a lot on our plates. I know we will be able to get it all done. We just have to take everything one step at a time. Together.


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