June 24th – S.O.S.

This week has been rough for Matt.
He has not heard back from any of the jobs he has applied for.
Lisa flew off the handle when Matt told her he has another seminar to attend this weekend for barbershop.
It would be a busy week even without an irate Lisa.
This may be the lowest I have ever seen Matt. I think he feels more defeated right now than he did last year when he just missed his most promising teaching job. And it feels as though all I can do is watch.
I want to get him out of that house as soon as possible. I do not think he will find any peace until then.
She prevents him from fully searching for a job and studying to get his license to sell casualty insurance. She tears down Matt constantly as she nit-picks every single decision he makes.
Matt feels worthless.
And he is NOT.
Matt has more heart and character than any man I have ever met outside of my family. He is a diligent worker and a trustworthy friend. He never makes a decision without weighing all of the facts carefully. He follows God with all of his heart and soul.
I am so incredibly blessed to know in 305 days he will be my husband.


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