June 25th – 10 Months!

I almost found my wedding dress today!
It is gorgeous and beautiful, timeless and classy. It looks amazing on me and I feel like a bride when I am wearing it.
But yet, there are a handful of general dress styles I still have not been able to try. Some of then are styles I have always either imagined I would wear or I feel would look good on me. Mom did not want me to say yes to the dress quite yet either because she still wants to take me to another store. So I will continue to shop. But I think I know what dress I will be coming back to!
My stomach is still messed up. I will go from feeling constipated to the complete opposite in moments. I run to the restroom only to barely get any results. My abdominals ache from straining all week long.
Could my system still be messed up after stopping the antibiotics and taking probiotics a week ago? I suppose it is possible.
Maybe I have developed a good allergy? Lots if things with my body have changed in the last month. That could be possible too.
I just want to feel better.


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