June 26th – Missing Matt

My stomach is still having issues. And I keep having to run to the restroom. It totally makes me not want to even eat anymore.
Just joking.
I nearly ate a whole box of Special K Cinnamon and Pecan cereal today.
No regrets.
At least this is doing great things for my abs. They will be ripped if I ever burn through my stomach fat.
We had the President’s Dinner tonight for the Rotary. Matt came over for it and we had a great time. I think we both look forward to the day when we can regularly attend events like this together.
It seems impossible to imagine, but I wonder if Matt and I will ever taking being married for granted.
By the time we are married we will have been together for nearly three and a half years. And the vast Majority if that time we will have been a long distance relationship. Just the idea of SEEING Matt every day blows my mind. Let alone waking up next to him and kissing him good night from bed.
Matt was able to get some studying done before leaving tonight. I think that was great. Next week for 4th of July he is coming over and camping out with the family for a night. I think he will be able to get a lot of studying done then if he wants to.
He is back home and in bed and I miss him. Hopefully tonight in my dreams I will be with him again.


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