July 3rd through July 4th – Crazy Cousins

Things did not go as planned for the Fourth of July this year.
Matt has always wanted to spend the fourth camping out at my uncle’s lake with Mom’s side of the family. This year the stars aligned and we were able to do so.
I thought it would be a very “PG” night at the lake. Instead, it turned into an all-night kegger with my cousins.
I always tend to go with the flow and roll with the punches… Within reason of course. Matt, however, likes more structure than most. So this change of events put poor Matt on edge more than me. And I am the one who is sick.
I could only stay up to 1:30. That was my limit. I could do no more. My cousins were dismayed, but eventually let Matt and I go back to our tent. Hence, the missed blog post!
My cousins are very unlike Matt and I. Sure, we get along. But my cousins have zero ambition. They live to drink, smoke, and set off explosions at every opportunity. Meanwhile, Matt and I live to someday start and support a family and serve The Lord.
Poor Matt was feeling the alcohol. With no warning about the impending kegger, Matt did not eat enough at dinner and had no Gatorade for bedtime. And between an air mattress we could not fully inflate and the noise coming from my still-partying cousins, we both slept rather poorly.
I woke up around six this morning needing to really use the restroom. Matt wanted to sleep a little bit longer, so I walked alone to the far side of the lake to the Port-a-potty. Since no one was up and it would be a few hours until camp breakfast, I decided to drive into town to buy Gatorade and pick up McDonald’s for Matt and I.
When I returned to the tent Matt was very surprised and pleased with breakfast. It was an unexpected treat for him. I knew he was going to be hurting from the drinking, so I wanted to make the morning as good as possible for him.
We opened up the window panels in the tent, drank our coffee, and enjoyed the view if the lake. Just that little slice of a quiet morning spent in each other’s company was amazing. We were both tired, hungover, sweaty, and in desperate need of showers. Yet, we were so comfortable with each other. I mean, wow!


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