July 6th – Life is Short

Everything can change in a second.
Tonight as my parents are I were walking down the dock we were called over by a friend.
Her husband, Jim, had fallen into the water. He was clinging to the bottom of the dock and he had a large gash in the back of his head.
I ran to the guard gate to get an ambulance. Within five minutes of Jim falling in the paramedics were there.
Shortly after getting him into the dock his pulse dropped and they began to perform CPR on him. They were still doing CPR when they drove away.
We have since heard he is in ICU. His heart was stopped for between 10-15 minutes. He is on a ventilator.
We think the heart attack came first, and that causes him to fall into the water.
My mind is going through many things right now. But the biggest thing is hie important it is to take care of your body. I have known Jim for 16 years and he has never been in great health. He has had at least two heart surgeries, the most recent having occurred in the fall.
I need to of a better job of taking care of myself. I should have gone to the doctor sooner when I started having the stomach issues. I should have lost more weight and kept the weight off.
I need to take care of myself now. Not next week, not three months before the wedding, but right now.
So please, pray for Jim tonight.


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