July 7th – Rough Waters

Today was mildly interesting. I will try to give a quick run-down of events.
Jim is still in ICU. They put him in an induced coma last night. He is on a ventilator.
The original plan was to keep him in the coma for three days. But this morning he started pushing back on the ventilator, which means he is trying to breathe on his own. They changed plans and are slowly bringing him out of the coma tonight.
Thank you to everyone for your prayers. I believe they were heard.
Nina, our beagle, is 14 years old. She has had a tumor near her bladder for the last year and a half. Because of her age and the likelihood it would return shortly, we chose not to remove it. We fed her well and loved her with all our hearts. She never seemed to be in pain and was always so happy to see us come home.
The tumor has slowly made her nothing but skin and bones. This last week age has had a lot if trouble walking because of lack of energy.
This morning Heather took Nina to my uncle’s veterinary practice to put her down. Now Nina is in Heaven with our other two beagles, Alex her litter mate and my dog Sheila, hunting to their little heart’s content.
On a much happier note, I am 99% sure I found my wedding dress! Unfortunately, because Matt is a regular reader of my blog I cannot post a picture, nor describe it.
My only problem with the dress is it is so different. It is stunning and it looks and feels like it was made just for me. But it is a huge risk to take! And my parents are trying their best to nix the dress altogether.
The only way I am going to get this dress is if in a week I can tell my parents I still love the dress. Go to the bridal store, but it on, and ahead a few happy tears.
Do here is to life!


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