July 8th – Medicated Bliss

These antibiotics are no joke.
Last night I did not know if it was the boat rocking or the medication that was making me feel slightly tipsy. Now I suspect it is mostly the medication.
This morning I had an impossible time trying to concentrate while shopping. All day long it felt like I had had one good drink by the way my mind was processing. No complaints, but sobering up would be nice.
I had a couple of cups of coffee during dinner tonight. That finally cleared the slight fog out of my mind. Tonight is the best I have felt in almost two weeks.
I do miss Matt a lot. I found something for him today I think he is going to enjoy. I like finding things for Matt when I go on trips like this.
Matt and I were finally able to have a decent conversation tonight. Or at least it seemed good to me. I blame the medication and give credit to the coffee.
My bridesmaid, Sally, is joining me here tomorrow! She has never been to the Lake Erie islands, so she is in for an unexpected treat!
Alright, more medication and then bedtime.


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