July 19th – Missing Matt

I did not eat for 24 hours. No, it was not doctor recommended. But so far it appears to have worked. I will have a better idea tomorrow.
Not eating took a lot of will-power. Not because I felt I was starving. But because I absolutely love eating. I literally started counting down the hours as soon as I woke up this morning.
Matt and I had a great conversation tonight about marriage, comparability, and what married life will be like.
Yesterday at dinner I showed Matt random designer pictures of wedding dresses. I want to know what he does and does not like in a dress. I feel like it would be easier for me to find my dress with Matt’s help. But we are too ultra-traditional. I do not even want to show him pictures of me in dresses I know I do not want.
Matt’s input was very helpful. He has given me a clearer imagine of my dress. His input has helped me throw out some dresses I was on the fence about. Still, this wedding dress business is a lot harder than I could have ever anticipated.
I cannot wait to spend tomorrow with Matt.


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