I found and purchased my wedding dress today! I finally found it!
After visiting our eight bridal store the other day, Mom and I felt my wedding dress was one of the dresses I have already tried on. I has seemingly exhausted every option available to us.
We went to our local bridal store with Dad to get his opinion on the dresses we liked there. In the store window for the last few weeks there has been a dress we have liked, but we figured was out of our price range.
Today we asked about the dress when we came it. Turns out, it was right within budget and was my size!
I tried it on and it was breath-taking. It blew all the other dresses out if the water. My wedding dress is perfection itself.
Unfortunately, I can give you neither a picture or a description of the dress. I think most of you know Matt is a daily reader of my blog. Lo siento! (I think that is Spanish for “so sorry”)
My only regret I have from this whole process is my weight. It is hard to imagine a dress being your wedding dress when you are not happy with your body. Tonight I start anew trying to get my weight back down again.


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