July 25th – Nine Months!

In nine months Matt and I will be married!
If you want to see something that will throw marriage and relationships into a whole new perspective, then I highly recommend watching the show “Married at First Sight” on FYI.
After hours of creating personal profiles and lengthy in person interviews, a panel if four experts paired up three sets of singles, out of hundreds if individuals, whom they felt would be the most compatible.
The catch?
These couples will not meet each other until they walk down the aisle.
You heard me.
The first time these people met each other was on their wedding day!
Honestly, I do not know if I would have signed-up if I had the opportunity before I met Matt. Part of me would have been willing to take that leap if faith. But I think I would have walked away because marriage vows are so sacred to me. These couples have the option to divorce after a month. But I am strongly against divorce unless under extreme circumstances.
It is so interesting watching these three couples not only learn about each other, but watching them figure out marriage and work together to create and build their relationship and lives together.
The show appears to be on Friday nights. I recommend it!
Matt and I are working on how our lives and our relationship will change once we are married. The last two years it has been all talk about “someday”. But someday is going to be here in 274 days!
I warned Matt tonight that, while in general I an very clean in tidy, I still always have some place where things like clothing, shoes, paperwork, and empty wine glasses accumulate. And I know that is something he is not used to living in his mother’s house.
I also tend to let things accumulate in my car. Especially in the trunk where nobody sees.
My laundry basket grows until it overflows because I am always running around and I have tons of clothes and can get away with it.
I procrastinate. I put too many things off until the last minute. Like my coaching paper work due on August 1st…
I hope Matt finds a job soon. I am excited and a little nervous about him moving here.
It will change everything. Our daily routines will be completely changed. I know I am so used to jumping in my car and doing things on my own. I am now in my own schedule and it changes from day to day.
But what will life be like with Matt here?


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