August 3rd – Road Blocks

I love it when Matt wakes me up in the morning.
We walked down to the Marina store together to get fresh donuts for breakfast. Afterwards, we packed out bags and headed over to Castaway Bay, an indoor water park. It is certainly not the best water park in town, but it was free for Matt and I and we enjoyed ourselves. I was able to get Matt to go on a few water slides with me! That was a lot of fun.
We made our way back home via the scenic route. I stopped at the ice cream place my family used to stop at when I was little.
Matt and I talked all day long. We dreamed about our future, we teased each other, and we talked about all the things that scare us.
Matt’s mother has said a number of hurtful things to him since our engagement. Poor Matt wants her approval so badly. She is a wonderful woman, but she does not handle change well. I am convinced she says whatever she thinks she needs to to keep Matt as close as possible for as long as possible.
Matt does multiple checks on all of his things to make sure he does not forget anything. He tells me out loud where he places everything to help him remember and so I remember as well. Because if he misplaces one item she will hold it over him as a reason why he cannot move out from her house.
He fretted over his cell phone going dead this weekend. Because if she calls him just to see how he is doing and he does not answer she will be upset. She will berate him that she would have no way of contacting him if there was an emergency. Which, by the way, is not true. She has both my cell phone number and my parent’s numbers.
I worry so much for Matt. I know he can take care of himself just fine, but I do not want him to think he has to struggle on his own. I cannot get between him and his mother. But I can stand firmly by his side and support him.
There could be a lot of changes for us in the next two months. I do not know where we will be for sure. But I do know we will be together.


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