August 4th – Coaching Politics

Ah! The first official day of golf practice and the politics have already begun.
Jeannette told me today our athletic director called her twice last week because parents called him to complain that I charge $30 to give private lessons to the kids. According to what she said she was told by our athletic director, I cannot charge any student in our school district between 7th and 12th grade for individual lessons because I am being paid to coach.
I am being paid to coach the girls team. Not the Junior High, not the boys team, not any one who wants to learn to golf but not play on the team. But from what I was told, I am required to give these private lessons for free to any student who asks for it.
Not happening.
This is the dumbest thing I have heard.
Well, maybe not the dumbest.
But it is up there.
Probably top five.
What I get paid from the school is for practices, training, meetings, and competition. It does not cover individual lessons for any student who wants it.
What do these parents think I get paid to do this?
I get paid a $1,500 stipend to do this. This essentially covers my certification costs and fuel. Nothing else.
I knew when I took this job it was basically a volunteer position. And I am okay with that.
But expecting me to give individual private lessons to everyone for free is out of the question.
There is a difference between “volunteering” and being taken advantage of.
If I wanted to be taken advantage of I would have stayed at the country club!
I looked up the state coaching rules tonight. There is nothing that says I cannot charge for private lessons during the off season. During season private lessons for the girls I am okay with. But when it is off season, no way.
This especially ticks me off because my usual rate is $50 for an hour. But I only charge the kids in my school district $30. That is boys, girls, and junior high kids. I want everyone who wants to take private lessons to be able to afford it. But I physically and financially cannot afford to give private lessons to every single athlete for free. That would be 30 hours a week!
And let us be serious. Under that line of thinking any 7th through 12th grader could go up to any sports coach and demand free private lessons from them at any time. Do you think the Varsity Football Coach is going to give free lessons to a kid in 7th grade? I would bet a weekend’s stay at Kalahari Indoor Water Park that would never fly.
I will call up the state’s association tomorrow morning to clarify with them. I will also talk to my cousin who is an athletic director at a nearby school. At best, this is a school policy. And I have my connections that go higher up than our athletic director who will straighten this out.
But if this does not get resolved, I will leave. I may even advertise my services to another school district who will allow me to give private lessons. I will not be taken advantage of.
And the sad part is, it will be the girls who will lose out more any anyone else. I think everyone assumes I will fall in line and they will get everything they can out of me. But if I lay down now then I will never be able to stand up for myself. No one will ever respect me either.
I will not be bullied.


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