August 5th – Interview!

Matt got a phone call today for an interview!
I am nervous for Matt because he feels so uncertain. He feels overwhelmed. The last few months have not been easy and best case scenario leaves the next few months being challenging as well.
But I still hope and pray for the best. I know things will turn around for us. It is just a matter of time.
Matt has needed some time to adjust to the idea of moving. I can appreciate that. It is a big decision. And it is a difficult decision to make when the last time you did so did not work out so well and your mother holds it over your head for the next seven years.
Das has said some things this week that have caught me off guard. Today he told me how much he likes that Matt takes care if me and treats me well. I guess I am not used to Dad giving praise for any of the men (well, boys) I have dated. For him to give praise like that is a big deal.


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