August 8th and 9th – Possible Pneumonia and China Cabinets

I fear my cold may have developed into something worse. I now have a deep cough and I am hacking up the grossest things imaginable.
Last night I did not get to post because we had our first golf match. We won against one team and lost to the third team.
Dinner was mayhem. We went to Texas Roadhouse and our orders did not get put into the computers… Twice. Luckily the meals we eventually received were free. But it meant we did not get back to town until 11:00.
My cousin Justin had texted me to invite me to his house for a party last night. I thought that since Matt and I would practically be neighbors with him it would be a good idea to go whenever invited. I got there just before midnight.
At the auction Justin had purchased a china cabinet for $25. He took me to see it. It is beautiful!
He said he wanted something like that for his cabin, but did not want to use that one in particular because it was so nice. I bought it off him for $100.
So now Matt and I have a china cabinet!
I did not get back last night until after 2:00. Which made for a rough morning.
Matt’s family reunion was this afternoon. I felt that since I was (almost!) family I should bring a covered dish. So I made my buffalo chicken dip again.
I love how seamlessly I blend into his family. I feel like I have always known them. It is as if they were always meant to be a part of my life and they were waiting for me to find them.
Depending on how I feel tomorrow morning, I will maybe go to the medical express center here. We have three tournaments and two matches this week, so I will not have time to go the my doctor if I am sick. Tomorrow will be my only chance.


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