August 12th – Sinus Infection?

My deep cough is still bothering me. And my terrible breath. It was enough that during the tournament today I scheduled a doctor’s appointment and was able to get in tonight.
My doctor thinks I may have a sinus infection. Probably from the water slides at Castaway Bay. We agree we would rather wait to see if we can get it under control with other medications and treatments first before going by way of the antibiotic. I have been on enough antibiotics this summer.
I did a neti pot tonight. It was disgusting. But I did not have that bad breath for about fifteen minutes.
My cousin,Nick, is looking into the state high school sports regulations more to see if they have anything to say about me teaching. I still find the whole thing to be ridiculous. Especially since the parents who complained is yet to call me to schedule his kid’s”free lesson”. That is like being put on trial by someone who will not take the stand.
Jeannette is still unsure if me being with them at competitions. I know she would leave me at home every time if she could. But, she cannot.
School starts next week. She will have her bus route, so I will be essentially running practice and getting the girls to their matches.
I am getting more and more anxious because the factory where Matt had interviewed with on Thursday is yet to call. It is getting harder and harder for me to process all these possibilities that come with each promising application Matt sends in. I almost want to stick my head into the sand until a job offer comes in. But I know Matt needs all the support I can give him to get us through this.


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