August 13th – Engagement Pictures!

Matt and I finally got a first look at our engagement pictures! They are absolutely fantastic! As a rule I have not posted any pictures of myself or family (other than the ever adorable, Sophie). But this is a special occasion, so here is one of our pictures!


Ah! Swoon!

I am over the moon with how beautiful our pictures have turned out. It makes being busy all day and working with a coach who does not want me around so much better.

The girls played well today. I am very happy with how they are playing right now. Especially considering this is just the beginning of the season.

Still no word after Matt’s interview last week. It is starting to make me made when Matt takes the time off of work to go interview and then the employer does not have the curtsey to get back in a timely manner. I am very surprised we have not heard back yet. Mom and Dad are trying to make funny jokes about it. But it is not funny.

Matt is hard at work looking at staffing agencies in the area now. Hopefully something will come from that search. Maybe it is because I am so stressed and busy with the team, but the job search is starting to get to me finally.


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