August 16th – Sick?

I am still coughing. I have a headache. And my glands under my chin, jaw, and the back of my head are swollen and hurting again.
I am all kinds of done with this. I am not getting better. I feel like my symptoms just keep changing and evolving over the last three months.
At this point I am starting to become very concerned about my health. I know I have had a long week, but I should feel better than this. My health has been terrible this summer. Is it because of my weight gain?
I have vowed to not have any chips or ice cream from here until the wedding. I need to get serious. I do not need to be eating junk. And I already feel better about cutting those out.
I am going this route with my weight lose because I cannot be trusted to control my portions. I am better off not having any. Next month I plan to cut something else our of my diet in addition to the ice cream and chips. Probably dinner rolls.
Heather and Jake are having a fight right now. Jake left the house upset and Heather followed shortly. What it was I have no idea. But I cannot be good because Jake seemed more upset than Heather.


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