August 17th – Save the Dates

Matt and I worked on choosing our Save the Dates, as well as contemplating invitations, RSVP cards, reception cards, and ceremony programs.
Poor Matt thought our reception venue would decide where everyone will be seated. I had to explain that no, we have to do the seating chart and escort cards.
I am going to say this now: I think Matt and I can chose all of our stationary just fine without my parent’s “help”.
Why do I call it now? Because I know that tomorrow when I tell Mom what Matt and I picked out she is going to nit-pick our decisions to death. And then she is going to drag Dad and Heather in and they are going to side with Mom.
Honestly, most of the time I feel like Matt is the only person who is on my side on these types of choices. Except for the other night when he said the bridesmaid dress colors I liked looked like a stop light. But other than that, Matt is the only person who does not second guess every little decision I make. Thank God I am marrying him!
Matt is taking off from his temp job tomorrow to go to a job open house and drop off applications at various staffing agencies. Of course, Lisa is not happy about this. At this point I feel I can safely say Matt would have had a job by now if it was not for her. He may even have had a teaching position.
The amount of negativity and self-doubt she places on Matt is over the top. And the worst part is watching Matt try his hardest to earn her approval. He just wants her to be happy with him. And almost every time he mentions moving she immediately withdrawals her approval.
My worst fear is Matt feeling he has to chose between me or her.


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