August 18th – Job Searching

Matt came over today to put in job applications around town. Searching online, emails, and phone calls have not been doing the trick. So it was time to step up the game.
We are both at our wit’s end right now. There is the fear we will not find a job for Matt. It seems impossible, especially with all of the oil jobs. But Matt applies to them and hears nothing back.
I have no idea why we still have not found a job after three months. If I were job searching I would go about it the same way Matt has. He is doing everything he needs to be doing to secure a job. Just getting an interview is next to impossible.
But what else can we do?
Our only option is to continue to search for jobs and put in applications.
Or buy the golf course…
I started doing business planning analysis on the course today. Looking at all of the external and internal factors to look for weaknesses and opportunities.
If I were to apply for a loan to purchase the course then I would need to show a business plan. I need to put serious thought and planning into this in order to make securing a loan possible. And by doing this I can better weigh if this would be a good opportunity or not.


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