August 19th – Why Does Every Day Need A Title? I am running out of creativity here…

Still *cough*cough* coughing!
I went back to the office today. Now the girls are back in school I can actually get work done.
Oh, and I am broke.
Between being sick and practice starting in June and not August as I had been told, I am now as broke as I was the end of my sophomore year of college. Back then I would challenge myself to not spend any money for a whole week and then reward myself with splurging on the Arby’s dollar menu. Four roast beef sandwiches, two curly fries and three chocolate milkshakes please!
My saving grace is that 1) I live at home and 2) my relatively new credit card still has the zero percent interest rate until February.
In October I should get a good check for the coaching. That ought to pay off the credit card balance.
I am not as stresses about this as I maybe ought to be. Matt and I have a lot of things we need to purchase in the next month for the house. And I leave tomorrow for Heather’s bachelorette party. I should be panicking.
But I am not.
Between the credit card and getting back to the office I know I am going to be okay. And I know God will provide. Maybe tomorrow I will see if I have earned enough points on my credit card to redeem any rewards. A gift card for a nice dinner with Matt would be nice!
The girls won their match tonight! They played great! And I think a lot of it had to do with 1) home course advantage and 2) Jeannette could not get there until nearly 5:00 with her bus job. She was not there to put pressure on the girls. They do not need added pressure. They need support.
Rumor has it because of her new bus job she will be asked to step down as head coach next year. I will not believe it until she tells me so. I always operate under the assumption she will be the head coach forever.


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