August 20th – Wright and Wrong

Oh my God.
I am so ticked off. And so are the girls.
Bruce got upset today because we took range balls he says he is paying someone to pick for him. He literally feels entitled to every single range ball at the golf course.
And then after berating me in front of all the girls and the boys, the boys started flapping their lips about how they are entitled to all the range balls and to ride in golf carts. Little heathens!
But I stayed calm in front of the kids. I let Bruce dig his hole.
But the situation escalated when after practice the boys took to Twitter to say the girls stole range balls from them. The girls took screen shots. They are pissed. As they should be.
I told them to keep silent and Jeannette and I will handle it. I promised we would make sure the girls always have the resources they need to succeed.
Bruce is going to get roasted. I hope I hear about it tomorrow.


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