August 25th – 8 Months Until the wedding my Mother planned…

I am so tired of the games my family have been playing.
Heather screamed at me on Saturday because I took my phone away from her whole I was driving. Mom reprimanded me for having my phone in my hand. She said Heather was justified. Because if someone is driving with their phone in their hands for five seconds the obvious response to make the situation safe is to scream at the driver.
And then everyone made appointments at a spa for massages while we were in the car. They excluded me. Heather told Mom they did so because I was complaining about how little money I have. I only mentioned money when they were talking about spending $100 on zip lining. And they should have asked me. But no, Mom said what Heather did was just fine.
Then yesterday Heather decided she wanted to leave at 6:00. And I am telling you, she only decided to do that to spite me because I went out with Andrea that night until 2 in the morning.
Heather refused to let me drive and Mom said that was okay. I had to sit in the back seat with the world’s worst driver for nine hours while driving through mother West Virginia Turnpike. I was car sick the whole time.
But Matt came to my house. He held me tight while I cried on thus shoulder.
We got in my car and I drive for a whole to help settled my stomach. We went to a Mexican restaurant because I had been unable to eat lunch.
But the tortilla soup was a bad idea. About twenty minutes before Matt left I started to get bad heartburn. My stomach probably could bit handle the tortilla soup after being sick for so long.
Now today I told Mom I want to do the satin bridesmaid dresses I had liked. Mom still prefers the chiffon one. So does Dad. But I like the more formal feel of the satin. Then Dad said the dresses should be short because it will be spring. Mom still wants the light pink even though I told her it did not look good with Andrea’s skin tone.
Tomorrow we are going to Henri’s to look at bridesmaid dresses. I am going to stick to my guns there if there is a dress I really like. I now realize no one is going to like what I pick no matter how much I try to explain and justify.
And if I do not find a dress there I like, then on Wednesday I will go to David’s and select the dress I want and the colors for everyone.
I feel like everything but my groom has been decided by Mom. Even my wedding dress. I still think about the dress that was a fashion risk.
Mom tonight informed me that Grandma said rent for the house would be $500 a month.
Matt and I cannot afford that.
And we have been under the impression it would be much cheaper than that. Like, utilities and maintenance would be our expenses. That was the impression I got from Justin when he had lived in Grandma’s other rental house.
Matt and I are doing so much work so we can live our lives here. But we keep getting spit on and kicked around by my family. Heather’s behavior is hostile at best and abusive at worst.
We are seriously considering living near Matt’s family now. Surprisingly, I now see his family would have far less control over our lives as my family would.
Now I wish Matt and I had kept looking for teaching jobs and had moved. But now it is too late for that. That door has closed.
Does no one realize Matt and I gave up his dream of teaching so we could stay close to here? We could be in Virginia or North Carolina right now. He would have his teaching job and it would be relatively easy for me to find an accounting job. We would be getting paid fairly well and able to afford to buy a house. We could have been starting our lives together already.
Instead, it feels like my family is controlling and manipulating us.
I am sick of it.


3 thoughts on “August 25th – 8 Months Until the wedding my Mother planned…”

  1. I hate how family members try controlling one relative’s life. I get that from a few of my relatives – they get there and try to make decisions for me and then make plans without really considering me and then expect me to drop everything immediately to accommodate them.

    1. Ha! Yeah, I would not accommodate them when they were getting their nose into my business in the first place. Just about everyone on both sides of my family does that! My aunt just flew into town and my sister is frantically trying to finish the painting the the farmhouse so my aunt cannot criticize how she paints.
      What a mess our relatives make!

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