August 30th – I Dream of Baby

Last night I dreamed I was three months pregnant. And I thought, “wow, that explains why I have been so tired lately.” And no one in our families was upset we were pregnant before the wedding. I was just starting to show.
It was fantastic.
I have always longed to be a mother. I may only be 24, but I can almost hear my biological clock ticking. Luckily for me Matt wants to be a father just as bad. And because he is older, I know he hears his biological clock ticking louder than I do!
Matt and I often talk about what we would do as parents. It is a big deal to us. We talk about what age we would let our kids go out in their own with their friends and when we would get our kids cell phones. These are often likely discussions because one of us is usually much more strict than the other. I will let you guess which one of us it is!
Here comes another yawn, so I am going to call it a night.


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