September 30th – Headache

I have a massive headache. Which is not surprising given we went shopping for bridesmaid dresses today.
I did not see any dress there I liked better than the one I already chosen. Mom did not find any either she likes that fit what I was looking for. Maybe the dress I picked will start to look better to her.


September 27th – Motherly Distrust

I am still in a foul mood from yesterday. I said maybe three words to my mother all day while she had multiple conversations with me.
What she is doing is not acceptable. She knows how much I want this dress. And I would have thought she would be working with me to make it work instead of working against me.
I cannot trust her. If she cannot support me with something as easy to side with me as a bridesmaid dress, then how can I trust her with the big things?

September 25th – Seven More Months… Tick, tick, tick, tick…

Seven months until the wedding. Seven more months of Heather spying on everything going on in Matt and I’s life.
I am serious. Heather keeps pushing her nose into our business. We had no sooner started our wedding registries than Heather commented the knife set we selected was twice as much as the one Heather had chosen.
Who looks at a registry only two days after it is created? Who!
My sister. She even went to visit Grandma to see the house hours before Matt and I could get there to see it. Grandma said she thinks Heather wanted to make sure she was getting the better deal.
What is her problem? I have not even looked at her registry. And her shower is only a month away.
I should probably get on that…