September 3rd – The Viral Whisper

Today started out bad. I slept in a little because I have been so tired. And then Mom got upset with me because last week one day I had to run out of the office to get to golf practice and forgot to write down my out time on my time sheet. She was mad.
Well at least I do not walk out of the office during the middle of tax season like Heather. She still has her job, so I feel pretty safe.
Still, it upset me.
I then could not fit into any of my office clothes. I am too big.
Now I am even more upset.
Then I started going through and paying my bills.
I am so broke.
I was in tears as I was writing the checks and watching what little money I have disappear.
I pulled it together, then went onto the app, Whisper.
I find it to be so incredibly interesting how people act when they do not have to show their face and no one knows who they are. I post random Whispers, just to see how other react.
Well, today I posted this…

If you are on Whisper, you may have noticed this as being the second most popular post this afternoon.
That was yours truly.
My Whisper post went viral.
Two thirds of people responded by saying they were struggling too. Most people were encouraging.
Some people took a few “liberties” and assumed a number of different things. Here were some of the assumptions:
1) I do not work hard
2) I did not go to college
3) I do not have a job
4) I spend all my money on alcohol and going to bars
5) I voted for Obama
6) I did not vote for Obama
7) I am a terrible stripper
8) I live beyond my means
9) I have no idea how to handle money
10) I blame others for my money troubles
I think those of you who have followed me for any amount of time know how far-reaching most if these are. I did not take them personally. Except for this one guy who went on a lecture. Hint: do not lecture unless you know everything involved.
But my best accomplishment today was shooting even par in the ladies league today! One boggy, one birdie, and lots of par tap-ins. Hopefully it will win me enough money so I can have a few beers next week. I worked hard; I earned it!


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