September 5th – Coaching and Bridesmaid Dresses

I talked to our athletic director this morning about yesterday. He was very pleased I had come in to talk to him.
He got a lot of phone calls about what happened last night. And he said every single one if them was extremely positive about me and how I handled the situation. Thank you parents!
I said I did not come to defend myself about what happened last night. I just wanted answers as to what I can and cannot do as a coach.
I did tell him what happened from my perspective. He completely agree with me and my line of thinking from what I had been told. I said I would not tolerate her yelling at me in front of parents and students again. He said I should never have to deal with that. And if it were to happen again then she will have forced him to make “staffing decisions.”
Well that does not sound real good for Jeannette.
There was more drama yesterday, but it did not make the blog.
Heather wanted to go try on the dress I had picked out. She was fussing with Mom about it but I did not pay attention. I was too busy with other things.
Later I asked Mom what was going on. Mom said Heather did not like the dress because she did not think it fit the vision I was going for. But once Mon explained how it did fit my vision then Heather was supposedly okay with it.
Tonight Heather asked if she could talk to me. She thought that since Sally was back in town then I should take her bridesmaid dress shopping and find a better dress.
I told her absolutely not. I picked the dress and that is it.
Heather started yelling at me that the dress was stupid and it would look terrible on everyone and half the girls do not like it.
I am so pissed at her. I did not care for the bridesmaid dresses she had picked for her wedding. While I may poke fun if the dress when she is not around, I did not demand she pick a different dress.
She is over the line again.
As she was stomping away I told her she did not have to be in wedding. I did not get a reply.
So I guess her and Melissa do not like the dress. I have a feeling Jessi did not either and reached out to Melissa.
Honestly, I would be more than happy if I only had Sally, Andrea, and Tory as bridesmaids. I know who my truly has my back. No complaints here.


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