September 7th – Registries and Unruly Bridesmaids

Matt and I set up our first wedding registry at Bed, Bath, and Beyond today. It was just as fun and amazing as I had always dreamed it would be!
I came home tonight and talked to Mom. I told her how Heather has demanded I change the bridesmaid dresses or she would not be in the wedding.
What I did not tell her was I would rather have my dresses than Heather there.
Mom thinks I need to compromise and keep looking. That is ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with the dress I picked. And Mom loved it until Heather started throwing a fit. Now Mom is changing her tune.
Heather says she feels fat in the dress. Well, the sample was two sizes too small for her and was in the worst shade of brown imaginable. But in the colors I chose it should be fantastic.
Now Mom thinks I should let all the bridesmaids choose their own dresses.
Anybody home?
Is anyone listening to what I, the bride wants?
This is just getting out of control.
Last night I dreamed Matt and I had decided to move up the date of our wedding. Which was great, but I was unbelievably late. The bridal party was processing down and I was rushing to do my make-up. I was signaling to the pastor to stall the ceremony so I could find my shoes and put on my dress. But I could not get my dress on right! The layers underneath would not lay right and all of my bridesmaids were at the altar waiting and could not help me.
But somehow I got ready and was down that aisle.
For the first time, today I am nervous about the wedding. I had a taste of the nerves in my dream last night.
But even in my dream Matt was so happy to see me and take my hand at the front of the church. That was when, in my dream, I knew everything would be alright.


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