September 8th – Why I will not Choose a Maid of Honor

I am exhausted. There are too many things going on and too many problems to handle.
Jeannette and I met up today. We ironed out a lot of things and we are good to go for the rest if the season.
Matt and I talked a lot about the bridesmaid dresses tonight. I am getting sick and tired of my family. Everyone else in the whole world would be happy with the decisions I make. But Mom and Heather will continually reiterate their opinions and then get upset when I make a decision that goes against their opinion. It is getting ridiculous.
This is taking time away from getting our save-the-dates ordered and other things we need to be working on. I made my dress decision. Now it is time to move on!
Matt thinks Heather is throwing such a fit and thinks she has so much say because she may believe she is my maid of honor.
That is a stupid assumption to have!
I actually will not designate a maid of honor. My initial feeling would be to chose Andrea. But I know Jessi would be offended. And I feel that one of my sisters should be the one to sign the certificate. So between Heather and Melissa who do I choose? The one who has ticked me off the least?
Nope, I would just rather not deal with it. Instead I am spreading the maid of honor duties out between everyone. This way everyone feels important and no one is overwhelmed.
Like I am!


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