October 4th – Three Years

Something wonderful and amazing happened three years ago today. Matt had sent me our very first email through Match.com.
I was online because a roommate of mine was in a great relationship with someone she had met on Match.com. I wanted to possibly start talking to someone from back home. I knew because of the distance there would be until May only guys who were seriously interested in me would bother.
Matt was seriously interested in me. He was online because he was not meeting women anywhere else. He has joined earlier that spring with no luck. He had just started back again when he found me.
I liked what Matt sent me. He wrote like he was potentially talking to his future spouse. Unlike most other men who had messaged me before who typed like they were talking to someone they would never see again.
I don’t remember what was said in that first email, but I was happy. I checked out his profile and was happier yet.
I was ultra-picky. If I was going to do this online dating thing I was going to do it right!
Matt met all of my criteria. And then some. I remember telling Matt on our third date he was everything I had ever wanted and everything thing I never even knew I needed.
Matt, I love you honey! I know today was rough for you. But there was nothing you could have said or done differently to have prevented it. Hopefully soon you will be over here with me.
I love you!


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