October 5th – Taking a Day Off

We went to Matt’s church today, and then out to an orchard for the afternoon. I wanted us to take a break from wedding planning and enjoy a nice fall day.
Matt and I talked a lot today about what we think married life will be like.
We agreed that our families adjusting would be our biggest difficulty initially. Matt will be about an hour and twenty minutes away from his family. Too far away to see more than once or twice a month realistically, but close enough Lisa may feel like we cut her out of our lives. Matt’s theory is she loves the idea of us getting married and having grandchildren, but she wants our lives to revolve around taking care of her. Yeah, that is going to be an issue.
My family, on the other hand, will be very close by. Like, in-your-face, close by. I have always either lived with my parents or lived at least a full day’s drive away. My family is completely unaccustomed to me living in our immediate area but not living at home. I cannot anticipate what issues in particular will arise, but I bet any that do come up will be as a result of this.
My fear is I am not as neat one tidy of a person as Matt thinks I am. Right now I am in a spell of complete disarray. My room is semi-clean and picked up. My car is a disaster. Neither one of these will be resolved until after the golf season is finished. I just do not have the luxury of time to take care of those two thinks as I would like.
I do not worry so much about the cleanliness issue because Matt and I naturally work very well as a team. We always do the things we see need done and we are great communicating with each other. And we understand we will always have periods where one of us is busier than the other and can adjust easily.
I will not be able to see Matt until next Sunday. That is greatly depressing. I already miss him to pieces. I am wearing the t-shirt I wore today to bed be cause it smells like him. Hopefully this week will fly by quicker than I anticipate.


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