October 12th – My Heart

I did not want to discuss this until I had talked with Matt. But I think I am having a health problem.
Towards the end of 2009 I started to experience what felt like my heart fluttering. These events occurred very seldom. They would only last for a few minutes and then disappear.
In the last few months I have noticed it more and more. Especially towards the end of the day when I am tired.
This weekend moth nights I was away I could really feel it. I would be in bed laying on my side and it felt as though my heart was trying to do summersaults in my chest. The second night I turned over to my right side in bed and the fluttering stopped. It stopped so suddenly I thought my heart had actually stopped and I panicked for a few minutes.
It past occurred last night at dinner. It made me feel sick and slightly dizzy.
I think I may have a heart problem.
I am scared to go and I do not know what I am going to say. But I know I need to go to my doctor as soon as possible. I need to find out what is happening.
From what I have read, some heart irregularities are harmless and nothing can be done. Some are life-threatening and result in heart failure.
I am really hoping it is harmless.


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