October 18th – Palpitations

I felt palpitations while at dinner with Sally tonight. And I felt them again briefly while on the phone with Matt. I am starting to feel them again now as I lay down in bed. I take note of these daily here because this will make it easier for me to track what is going on with my health.
I spent the whole day cleaning. My bathtub is so clean you could cook spaghetti in it. Not that I would. I think pasta sauce would be much harder to clean than soap suds.
I had a good time with Sally tonight. We are planning on having a wine night soon.
Tomorrow Matt and I will finalize the guest list with addresses. Hopefully by the end of the day we can have everything formatted so we can print labels easily once the Save-The-Date cards arrive.
I miss Matt. I wish he was laying in bed beside me, just talking about the day and everything that will be coming up. I like love not just all the amazing and enchanting moments with Matt. I mostly love all of the everyday moments we have together. The quiet and peaceful moments we have in each other’s company.
I cannot wait to be with him again tomorrow.


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