October 22nd – Wash,Rinse, and REPEAT

I had hoped she would be more reasonable this time around. I was too optimistic.
This morning she began harping to Matt he needed to stop wasting time searching for a job here and look for a job close to her instead.
I know Matt is her eldest son and she loves him dearly. But she knew this day was coming. This is not a big surprise we are getting married.
While for a long time we assumed we would be living wherever it was Matt found a teaching job. But things changed and now we plan to live close to my family. We are a little over an hour away from Matt’s family.
Does she not want Matt to move on with his life? Does she not want Matt to find a successful career and be able to support a family? Does she not realize how much I need him here with me?
This is exhausting. Why am I the only person it seems in Matt’s life building him up and giving him confidence? Matt has done nothing to deserve the ridicule and belittling he hears when he talked about finding a job and moving away. Finding a job is tough enough as it is. He does not need to hear anything less than the greatest praise and encouragement.
Matt is going to try to come searching tomorrow again and stay overnight. He should regardless of what she says. His chances of find a job are better over here. My family is happy to have him here because the sooner he finds a job the happier they will be.
Now to document my palpitations. Nothing felt tonight. Even after half a bottle of red wine. Not that I thought wine was bothering my heart. Wine is never the problem, if you get what I mean 😉🍷


5 thoughts on “October 22nd – Wash,Rinse, and REPEAT”

  1. She should be thankful he’ll only be about an hour away – that is pretty close! But sadly it never works to tell other people what they should be thankful for. My MIL is a real PITA too, so I feel for you.

    1. We feel the same way about the distance. Especially because most of our relationships we had always figured we would move wherever he found a teaching job. Now I wonder how that scenario would have played out. I would imagine it would have been met with a lot of resistance! Thank you for reading!

      1. Truth is, I’ve been stalking the MIL tag so I can find other people with similar concerns and commiserate with them. 😀

        We moved six hours away from my in-laws and I have been a much happier person ever since. My husband is also getting much better about helping me cope with his mom.

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