October 26th – Heather’s Shower

For once, instead of attending a social event I wish I could have stayed home. Even if staying home meant helping Dad chop and stack wood.
Heather’s shower was boring. The food consisted of sandwich meats, tiny dinner rolls, cheese, crackers, fruit, and a veggie tray. Hardly filling compared to the wonderful chili Mom made for Dad and the boys.
Then Heather and Melissa spoke so softly no one could hear them.
It was boring. Even for a shower it was boring.
Matt and I are all kinds of stresses out right now. And my sisters make everything worse. Matt needs to make more copies of his resume. I will be gone early in the morning for my section meeting. Heather will be at the office early, but she locks the door until nine and will be ticked to have to unlock it for Matt. I am about ready to rip her a new one.
I feel once Matt and I are moved into the house with jobs everything will be alright. No one to bother is. The bills will be paid without too much worry. We can throughly enjoy each other’s company for once (innuendo intended!).
I am sure it will not turn out like that. In my mind all of this will be done in six months. But it hardly seems realistic.


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