October 28 – The Struggle

Good news! Matt got a job offer today! But it will not be easy.
It is 40 minutes away from the house and pays $8 the first four weeks and then $10 after that if Matt chooses to work 40 hours six days a week.
Now that we have an offer on the table we see things will not be as easy as we had thought.
Matt is having a tough time. He is carrying everything on his shoulders. He wishes he could get a job offer that would allow him to support both of us.
But what we have is an offer that will not quite support himself. Especially those first four weeks. Matt is terrified to fail.
But he is not in this alone. This job is doable and has the best future potential of any job he has interviewed for in the last six months.
He does not have to start off finding the perfect job. This is just the start.
I know he does not want to, but he will need to let me help him to get him through this. We are a team. That is what marriage is about.


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