November 8th – Honeymoon Cottage

Matt and I have been working on the house for three days now. The kitchen is now semi-usable. The dishwasher needs cleaned, walls painted, curtains, and a table and we will be all set for guests!
Seriously, we have worked our little butts off. My hands are so dry from all the cleaning chemicals and Matt’s soap of choice.
Tomorrow Matt, Larry, and I are playing “You Raise Me Up” in church. Larry will be in the piano, Matt singing, and I will play my violin. This is a surprise for Lisa. She loves this song and has always wanted Matt to sing it.
Lisa is throwing us a “small” engagement party tomorrow. A lot of it has been kept under wraps from Matt and I. But it appears a lot of people know about it.
I worry about Matt. I think tomorrow it is really going to hit him he is moved out. To be honest, it still has not sunk in for me yet. Part of me still thinks he will disappear back to Pennsylvania.


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