November 21st – Pre-Marriage Counseling

Matt and I had our first meeting with our reverend today. It was a great two hours of discussion and fellowship together.
We talked a lot about how our relationship came to be and the difference we have found between our pre-move dating life and our life the last two weeks.
Matt and I have had a few bumps here and there. They are always more of a difference of “method” in how things ought to be done.
We talk about these differences and come to an agreement together as to how we want to approach these situations. There is never any right or wrong way. Just two different ways of doing things.
Matt and I have quickly learned to talk about everything. Especially schedules and our plans and what we want to accomplish daily.
I think what has made this easier is we are in the habit of always talking. We started out talk to each other first via email, and then through phone calls. And we have always been open and honest with each other.


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