November 23rd – What Ashley is REALLY thinking….

Greeting fellow bloggers…. this is a guest post written by the lovely fiance, Matt!!  I am going to write what should have been written for the 22nd… and write a few comments for the 23rd:

November 22nd-  Commandeering the Car

“Matt is the most patient, amazing fiance ever!  During this time of the month, my hormones are in an elevated stage.  Therefore, I was not feeling my usual, charming, patient self.  Matt and I did some household chores in the morning.  There was some icy roads, so we held off leaving until the afternoon.  After lunch, Matt volunteered to drive to complete some shopping errands.  Matt is a good, but cautious driver.  However, I did not appreciate Matt’s cautious driving.  I also believe I know the roads better than Matt, even though he did extensively search for a job in the area.  I proceeded to become a human GPS, directing Matt where to go, even though he knows the ins and outs of the area.  I directed him to the local Pat Catan’s.  Matt, just by going into this store, automatically should be given the title BEST FIANCE!!  He lovingly walks in with me.  At this point, I feel a rush of anxiety and anger at the crowd of people in the store.  There are blocking access to what I need to purchase.  I walk around with a shopping cart at a very brisk pace.  Despite the people, I find some items that I will be using for a future project.  Frustrated, I then tell Matt to take me to TJ Maxx.  TJ Maxx was full of people as well, which upset me even more!  Matt carefully drives me to the mall, which is less crowded.  However, at this point, I need to command the situation, and request that Matt hand over the keys and let me drive, despite his more experience in driving.  Matt does hand over the keys.  I then drive his car in a more assertive manner than he is used to.  A half hour later, we arrive at a Wal Mart.  Wal Mart is not stocking the curtains that I want, so Matt is nice to enough to buy me Duck Commander wine, which calms me down.  We go to an appliance store, and I am finally calm enough to let him drive.  We buy an washer and dryer (yay!), and buy the groceries for the week.  Matt is such a wise shopper, always watching for the lowest price.  Though, he sometimes watches for the lowest quality.  We finish our trip, and return back to the house.  I realize how lucky I am to be marrying Matt”

November 23rd- Tragedy Strikes

“If you had read the earlier post, there was icy roads mentioned.  Unfortunately, three young people died on those icy roads when their vehicle ran into a school bus.  It makes one think about the how life is so precious.  On a lighter note, WE HAVE A SOFA!!  Mom, Dad and Matt helped with moving the sofa in our new place.  It is sooooo comfy.  Matt was able to wash his clothes, and then he cooked an amazing dish called “Ketchup Steak”.  We both got a lot accomplished today.”

This will probably be my first and last post…. lol



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