January 31st – Ten Pounds Down, Twenty to go!

I lost ten pounds this month! That is more than I had expected! But I definitely need the momentum.
Between Matt measuring out exact portions at dinner and P90X3 I am really starting to feel good. I should be in wedding AND baby-making shape by April!
So I did some research on the prenatal vitamins. It seems like the three most important things are calcium, folic acid,DHA, and iron.
Calcium is hard to put into multivitamin form, but consuming a Tums tablet apparently can be just as effective.
Folic acid is supposed to help decrease the chances of early developed birth defects.
And DHA is a key component for healthy brain function.
A woman’s need for iron is doubled when pregnant. Apparently an iron deficiency can really sneak up on you if you are not aware.
So now I have a little better idea of what I am looking for the next time I am in the drug store. Although I may have to have Matt purchase them for me in Canton. Too many people in town know me and I would rather not let the cat out of the bag yet!
My search for bridal shoes is becoming tedious and exhausting. All I want is either a white, silver, light pink, or pale blue flat shoe. Is that so much to ask?
Apparently it is. I just want to be comfortable. I know full well I will be on my feet all day long.
Mom keeps finding three-inch heels for me. It is starting to drive me nuts.
This is what will happen if I wear heels. Okay? I stand all day, I sweat, I am wearing a dress that weighs a little more than usual clothing. As I sweat my feet slip forward in my shoes and slowly crush my toes. And then I spend the first half of my honeymoon trying to regain the feeling in said toes.
Not what I had in mind.
What makes matters worse is I wear a size 11. I have found four pairs of shoes on Zulily that I would love to wear that day. But these shoes only went up to size 10.
And so my search continues.


January 30th – How to Start a Family

I am starting to get rid of one of the worst colds I have had in a long time. Runny nose, dry throat, sneezing every five minutes. I all but carry a box of ultra-plush-and-lotiony tissues wherever I go.
The worst part is avoiding kissing Matt. This cold of mine wrecked Mom for a week and has moved on to wage war on Dad. The last thing Matt needs is this!
I am hoping for a quiet Sunday with Matt. I imagine cuddling and napping on and off all day. We are expected to get a foot of snow, so there will not be anything else for us to do anyways!
I need to talk about these prenatal vitamins. My doctor gave me NeatabsABC. And there is quite the after taste with these that last all morning long.
Is that normal? Is this a good prenatal vitamin? My doctor gave me coupons but there were already expired. Are these expensive? Are they worth it? Is there a better brand out there? What should I look for in a prenatal vitamin?
I need answers to these questions!
I welcome any and all input on this.
And I will try to do some research tomorrow to see what I can find.
I just want to do everything I can right now to be ready. That is why I scheduled my yearly doctors appointment now. I have been off the pill for a year now and I feel great! My period is now regular and predictable.
I am also working out not just some look good on the wedding day. But also so I am in the best physical shape I can be before having a baby. And that I why I am following my doctor’s recommendation to start taking prenatal vitamins now.
I do feel I have to hide the prenatal vitamins from everyone but Matt. My parents would freak out and think I was already pregnant. And once we explained we want to get pregnant after the wedding they will freak out that we want to have a baby already.
Matt and I have heard a number of people tell us to wait a while before having kids. Wait until we have been in our careers for at least a year. Wait and enjoy just the two of us together for a few years.
Matt and I are very family oriented. We have always dreamed of having our own family. It is something we both grew up wanting with all our hearts.
We did not want to get married until we felt we were going to be ready to start our family. Obviously we had no intentions of starting a family before we were married. And we did not want to get married and worry about not getting pregnant because we knew we were not ready.
I have always imagined celebrating two anniversary dates. The first one being November 25th, our first date. Is the the type of anniversary where we go out for dinner and spend a romantic evening out with just the two of us. And then there will be April 25th, our wedding anniversary. This one I imagine celebrating together as a family. Some day we will take our kids out on weekend trips to celebrate. Because April 25th will be the day our family started, when Matt and I become husband and wife.

January 29th – A New Adventure

Hey yo!
Yes yes, I realize it has been a while since I have posted. Melissa’s graduation got out of hand and so did my headaches. But honestly. We all know I had stopped posting anything worth reading once Matt made the move here in November.
I still need to take a little bit of time for myself. Carving out that time is difficult between work, studying for the CPA exam, working out, attending Rotary and Chamber of Commerce meetings weekly, and cleaning the cottage nearly daily because my grandparents are renovating the bathroom.
Oh, and there is this little event coming up in less than three months called my WEDDING DAY.
So yeah, things are busy. But I still need to take this little bit of time to collect my thoughts every day. Especially as life as I know it changes forever.
So I will tackle everything one piece at a time.
We are studying for the CPA exam. Which (of course) is proving difficult. Dad wants the three of us (this includes Heather) to study together. Coordinating three schedules during tax season is next to impossible. I have told day I will not take it until after the wedding. I cannot afford to throw away $250 to take a test I will not feel prepared for. So we will see how that goes.
I stared the P90X3 workout! Wow, is it fantastic! I have not lost weight, but my body has certainly changed. I have no arm fat! Saturday I head into my first transition week. It feels like a big milestone. I should finish the program two weeks before the wedding. I know I am going to feel and look great!
I am now a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. I represent the accounting business on the community. I enjoy it.
The cottage. Two weeks ago my grandparents started ripping out the bathroom. Dust is EVERYWHERE. I mourn for my clean house. Poor Matt is cleaning on the sofa sleeper. But I know in the end the house will be even more beautiful than before.
And the wedding. Oh, the wedding. Most recently we have the disagreements over the length of the ceremony. No, this disagreement is not between Matt and I or our pastor. It’s with my mother.
Last night Matt and I met with Harley to discuss the plan for the ceremony. He is so detailed oriented and really knows how some things work and other simply do not. He is fantastic.
Matt and I sat down shortly after Heather’s wedding last month and listed what we liked and did not like. And that list grew to be a check list of things we need to do. A good bit of our list was about the ceremony.
The ceremony is extremely important to Matt and I. We do not want the “drive-thru” version. Nor are we looking for the infamous four our mass. We have added two scripture readings and three hymns. These things are very important to Matt and I.
Mom talked to Harley this morning. She asked how long the ceremony would be and he said about an hour. That was unacceptable to Mom.
So she came back to the office and talked to me about it. She thinks is they hymns are too much. I told her those hymns are very important to us. All three. Every verse.
After work I go to the cottage and I find Mom there! I walk in and she is talking to Matt about cutting the hymns down. She left very shortly after I arrived.
I am pretty upset by this. She tried to circumvent me by going to Matt! But Matt and I are on the same page. This is what WE want.
This is our ceremony. Not Hers. If there is just once place where I should expect to get exactly what I want, it is the ceremony.
I know Matt and I with our pastor have a beautiful ceremony planned, it will be a very moving event to wittiness.
That is half the reason why I am writing again. So someday down the road when my kids wonder why they are so particular about how everything is done, they will know where it came from. And also so they know their grandmother is not as sweet as she would lead them to think she is!
So that was half of my reason for starting again. Here is the other reason.
Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment. You know, that yearly one. Right ladies?
Anyways, this was a new decor I was seeing. Going to the county clinic was just not going to do it for me any longer. It was time to move on.
Matt and I did not want to get married until we were ready to start a family. So now was the time to talk to a doctor and make sure my body was ready! My doctor highly recommended starting on prenatal vitamins now. She gave me nearly thirty sample packs of it!
So today I started taking them. This is a huge step towards starting a family. And life as I know it changing forever. I know once you become a mother you are a mother every day for the rest of your life. Never again will I be the person that I am today. That is huge. It is breath-taking, exciting, and a little scary all at the same time.
And Matt and I will be going through these changes together. We will be totally different people a year from now. Just was we are totally different people than we were a month before Matt’s move. And there is no one else on the world I could navigate these changes with.