January 30th – How to Start a Family

I am starting to get rid of one of the worst colds I have had in a long time. Runny nose, dry throat, sneezing every five minutes. I all but carry a box of ultra-plush-and-lotiony tissues wherever I go.
The worst part is avoiding kissing Matt. This cold of mine wrecked Mom for a week and has moved on to wage war on Dad. The last thing Matt needs is this!
I am hoping for a quiet Sunday with Matt. I imagine cuddling and napping on and off all day. We are expected to get a foot of snow, so there will not be anything else for us to do anyways!
I need to talk about these prenatal vitamins. My doctor gave me NeatabsABC. And there is quite the after taste with these that last all morning long.
Is that normal? Is this a good prenatal vitamin? My doctor gave me coupons but there were already expired. Are these expensive? Are they worth it? Is there a better brand out there? What should I look for in a prenatal vitamin?
I need answers to these questions!
I welcome any and all input on this.
And I will try to do some research tomorrow to see what I can find.
I just want to do everything I can right now to be ready. That is why I scheduled my yearly doctors appointment now. I have been off the pill for a year now and I feel great! My period is now regular and predictable.
I am also working out not just some look good on the wedding day. But also so I am in the best physical shape I can be before having a baby. And that I why I am following my doctor’s recommendation to start taking prenatal vitamins now.
I do feel I have to hide the prenatal vitamins from everyone but Matt. My parents would freak out and think I was already pregnant. And once we explained we want to get pregnant after the wedding they will freak out that we want to have a baby already.
Matt and I have heard a number of people tell us to wait a while before having kids. Wait until we have been in our careers for at least a year. Wait and enjoy just the two of us together for a few years.
Matt and I are very family oriented. We have always dreamed of having our own family. It is something we both grew up wanting with all our hearts.
We did not want to get married until we felt we were going to be ready to start our family. Obviously we had no intentions of starting a family before we were married. And we did not want to get married and worry about not getting pregnant because we knew we were not ready.
I have always imagined celebrating two anniversary dates. The first one being November 25th, our first date. Is the the type of anniversary where we go out for dinner and spend a romantic evening out with just the two of us. And then there will be April 25th, our wedding anniversary. This one I imagine celebrating together as a family. Some day we will take our kids out on weekend trips to celebrate. Because April 25th will be the day our family started, when Matt and I become husband and wife.


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