January 31st – Ten Pounds Down, Twenty to go!

I lost ten pounds this month! That is more than I had expected! But I definitely need the momentum.
Between Matt measuring out exact portions at dinner and P90X3 I am really starting to feel good. I should be in wedding AND baby-making shape by April!
So I did some research on the prenatal vitamins. It seems like the three most important things are calcium, folic acid,DHA, and iron.
Calcium is hard to put into multivitamin form, but consuming a Tums tablet apparently can be just as effective.
Folic acid is supposed to help decrease the chances of early developed birth defects.
And DHA is a key component for healthy brain function.
A woman’s need for iron is doubled when pregnant. Apparently an iron deficiency can really sneak up on you if you are not aware.
So now I have a little better idea of what I am looking for the next time I am in the drug store. Although I may have to have Matt purchase them for me in Canton. Too many people in town know me and I would rather not let the cat out of the bag yet!
My search for bridal shoes is becoming tedious and exhausting. All I want is either a white, silver, light pink, or pale blue flat shoe. Is that so much to ask?
Apparently it is. I just want to be comfortable. I know full well I will be on my feet all day long.
Mom keeps finding three-inch heels for me. It is starting to drive me nuts.
This is what will happen if I wear heels. Okay? I stand all day, I sweat, I am wearing a dress that weighs a little more than usual clothing. As I sweat my feet slip forward in my shoes and slowly crush my toes. And then I spend the first half of my honeymoon trying to regain the feeling in said toes.
Not what I had in mind.
What makes matters worse is I wear a size 11. I have found four pairs of shoes on Zulily that I would love to wear that day. But these shoes only went up to size 10.
And so my search continues.


3 thoughts on “January 31st – Ten Pounds Down, Twenty to go!”

  1. I cheated. I had a pair of pretty 1 inch heels for ceremony and photos, then had a pair of glittered out tennis shoes for the rest. The dress covered them, and I loved them 😆

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