February 3rd – Bad Dreams, Babies, and Wedding Registries

Have you ever had a bad dream that left you in a funk all day? Today was one of those days. Last night I dreamed Matt died.
I was devastated. I woke up crying around three in the morning.
After my workout this morning I made sure to text Matt that I love him. I knew he would be getting into work then.
Matt has barbershop tonight. Originally I had planned to just go home after work and we would see each other tomorrow because he would be getting home closer to eleven tonight and I have a Chamber meeting tomorrow.
In case you have not guessed, I changed my mind and now I am at the Cottage waiting for Matt to come home.
I spent some time tonight researching what you should do before trying to conceive. The advice ranged from the obvious (quit smoking, lose weight) to the silly (visit all of your favorite restaurants and go to the movies!). If you are interested to see what I found simply Google “Before Conception” and read the links found on the first page.
The last few days I have been recovering from my “Cold of the Decade”. I am not exactly sure, but it is getting close to a WEEK since I have kissed Matt. With his job right now I have done everything I can to protect him from catching my cold. So maybe I have another reason to want to wait for Matt to come home tonight!
I bought his Valentine’s Day gift tonight. He will be so surprised and so excited when he sees it! Unfortunately I cannot tell you what I bought because, well, Matt reads this. You will just have to wait honey!
We have both the PA and the OH bridal showers this month. The invites went out last week, making this last weekend the first opportunity for guests to go shopping.
Both my mother and Matt keep telling me to not look at the registries so I will be surprised at the shower.
I look every couple of days.
I picked out these items. The surprise is already gone! And it is not like the registries tell me who bought the items. That will still be a surprise. In fact, three weeks ago someone bought a basket and a bunch of cooking items on my registry. I am super curious to find out who was that proactive about buying shower gifts!
Stores make it so EASY to look. I have the apps for Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Bed Bath and Beyond on my phone and my iPad. Three taps on the screen and I can look at everything on my registries, what has been purchased, and what is still needed.
And it is not like I am going about talking to everyone about the things that have disappeared from the registries. Only Mart knows (and disapproves) that I look.
So here is my question to you.
Is it okay to check up on the registries the few weeks before the showers? Or should I delete the apps and stay away until after the showers?


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