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October 20th – Save the Dates

Our engagement pictures came in the mail today! Too late to order the Save-the-Dates Matt and I had liked at 40% off.
I took another look at the options over at Mixbook. That is the same company I did Matt’s birthday book through. They are having a sale where Save-the-Dates are 50% off.
We made a beautiful card! I cannot wait for them to arrive and to send them out!
Matt was job searching today. I think he is onto some good leads. Doors will be opening up soon for us.
He is staying the night here, and then going to an interview and continuing his job search.
It is so nice to have Matt here. I know when he does move here we will spend most of our evenings together. It was comforting just to be next to him tonight.
I did not feel palpitations yesterday. But they are back again tonight. They come and go as they please. I will try my best to avoid laying on my left side because that seems to agitate it.
A week from tomorrow is my doctor’s appointment. I have cut out caffeine the last few days and limited my alcohol. I may as well do those things now because that is what my doctor will tell me to do.

August 13th – Engagement Pictures!

Matt and I finally got a first look at our engagement pictures! They are absolutely fantastic! As a rule I have not posted any pictures of myself or family (other than the ever adorable, Sophie). But this is a special occasion, so here is one of our pictures!


Ah! Swoon!

I am over the moon with how beautiful our pictures have turned out. It makes being busy all day and working with a coach who does not want me around so much better.

The girls played well today. I am very happy with how they are playing right now. Especially considering this is just the beginning of the season.

Still no word after Matt’s interview last week. It is starting to make me made when Matt takes the time off of work to go interview and then the employer does not have the curtsey to get back in a timely manner. I am very surprised we have not heard back yet. Mom and Dad are trying to make funny jokes about it. But it is not funny.

Matt is hard at work looking at staffing agencies in the area now. Hopefully something will come from that search. Maybe it is because I am so stressed and busy with the team, but the job search is starting to get to me finally.

August 2nd – Engagement Pictures

Matt and I had an amazing day together. A family friend of ours did our engagement pictures today. There are so many beautiful pictures of Matt and I!
Right now Matt is just about fast asleep. Between a busy day and the drink we had with dinner he is out. I went into the v-berth just now to kiss him tonight. He seems so happy right now and it is all I can do to stop myself from crawling into bed beside him.

August 1st – Cedar Point

Matt and I are back up at the lake. It is nice to be up here together. We spent a good two hours sitting on top of the boat talking together. We were lucky enough to get to watch done fireworks from our view.
We have concluded the next nine months are going to be very stressful. Not so much with dealing with each other, but with the people around us. People who are trying their hardest to impress their ideas on us as to what our wedding and our marriage should look like.
I am so lucky Matt and I have this amazing relationship together. It is so close and so special. It is a lot of work, yet so easy to continue to nurture our love.
I mean, wow!

June 22nd – Recovery?

Matt and I decided to start looking and thinking about what we want to wear for our engagement pictures. I was very pleasantly surprised when we were able to find and purchase exactly what we wanted today! And I must say, we look awfully cute together…
I am starting to feel better. I did not hit, what I like to call, the wall until almost 8:00. But a cup of coffee prepared by Matt and a few cookies helped me make it back home.
My stomach was trustworthy all day until I was about twenty minutes from home. Then in was a rush to the restroom. Once again, think Maya’s character in Bridesmaids.
I have figured out I usually start to feel my spleen and/or liver throb a few hours before my stomach issues start. Maybe it will take another day or two of probiotics before everything starts to right itself. The Mono could be making it harder for my body to recover and normalize.
I no longer feel burning, although there was a little bit of itch today. But I was definitely feeling better than I did the other night.
The best thing so far is I had a good night’s sleep last night. I really needed that. I also need yet another good night’s rest, so I am bringing this to a close.