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September 1st – “Advice”

Poor Matt is getting sick. He kept sniffling and sneezing all day. I think he had a long week last week and it weakened his immune system. Poor Matt.
I went to Matt’s today for a small family cook out. Afterwards Matt and I went looking for couches and other furniture. We are still looking for the decent furniture at the best price possible.
My whole family went to look at our house today. Even Aunt Peggy who is in town for the week. No good can come of this. I will call it now, they will tell us exactly what we should do.
I am not critical about receiving advice in general. But lately all if the “advice” my family has given me has been given 1) without any consideration for the fact I have most likely already labored over the subject; and 2) with the expectation I will not hesitate to follow said advice immediately.
And once the advice is given then I get grief for trying to discuss why a different course if action should be taken. I do not need someone telling me what to do. But a good discussion never hurts.
I am sure tomorrow will yield the fruits of today’s visit. I cannot wait to stab myself in the eye with a pencil hear what my family has decided.


August 10th – Looking For Furniture!

Matt and I went to IKEA today with our game faces on!
We went through the store carefully considering any piece of furniture we may need for the house. I took pictures of the tags and the furniture while Matt wrote down on notecards for each room the name of the piece and price.
Except for a couch, we think we can get everything at IKEA. We did not find a couch we liked there in our desired price range. Plus, I think we need a couch with a pull-out bed for functionality. We think our best bet is to keep popping into other furniture stores and check their clearance items for this couch.
It looks like we can furnish the whole house wellfor just under $2,000 by my initial estimate of what Matt and I liked and thought we needed. Not too bad. I think Heather spent $3,000 furnishing her living room alone.
I really hope Matt gets a phone call early this week. Either another interview or a job offer. That would give me so much piece of mind. And u think it will take a huge burden off of Matt’s shoulders. Which have become rather buff, by the way. 💪
After lunch Matt and I went to a clinic about my cough. My terrible sore throat which turned into a cold with Niagara Falls pouring from face has now developed into a deep cough with some rattling in my lungs. Oh, and my breath smells like the inside of a vacuum cleaner. Yuck.
The doctor though I had a virus and potentially some bacteria. She gave me a steroid to help the bacteria and keep this from turning into bronchitis or pneumonia. Let’s face it; that is the last thing I need this summer.