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November 8th – Honeymoon Cottage

Matt and I have been working on the house for three days now. The kitchen is now semi-usable. The dishwasher needs cleaned, walls painted, curtains, and a table and we will be all set for guests!
Seriously, we have worked our little butts off. My hands are so dry from all the cleaning chemicals and Matt’s soap of choice.
Tomorrow Matt, Larry, and I are playing “You Raise Me Up” in church. Larry will be in the piano, Matt singing, and I will play my violin. This is a surprise for Lisa. She loves this song and has always wanted Matt to sing it.
Lisa is throwing us a “small” engagement party tomorrow. A lot of it has been kept under wraps from Matt and I. But it appears a lot of people know about it.
I worry about Matt. I think tomorrow it is really going to hit him he is moved out. To be honest, it still has not sunk in for me yet. Part of me still thinks he will disappear back to Pennsylvania.


September 1st – “Advice”

Poor Matt is getting sick. He kept sniffling and sneezing all day. I think he had a long week last week and it weakened his immune system. Poor Matt.
I went to Matt’s today for a small family cook out. Afterwards Matt and I went looking for couches and other furniture. We are still looking for the decent furniture at the best price possible.
My whole family went to look at our house today. Even Aunt Peggy who is in town for the week. No good can come of this. I will call it now, they will tell us exactly what we should do.
I am not critical about receiving advice in general. But lately all if the “advice” my family has given me has been given 1) without any consideration for the fact I have most likely already labored over the subject; and 2) with the expectation I will not hesitate to follow said advice immediately.
And once the advice is given then I get grief for trying to discuss why a different course if action should be taken. I do not need someone telling me what to do. But a good discussion never hurts.
I am sure tomorrow will yield the fruits of today’s visit. I cannot wait to stab myself in the eye with a pencil hear what my family has decided.

August 29th – The House

Matt and I finally had a chance to look at the house today. The biggest thing is it needs a lot of cleaning. There is junk everywhere that was left behind.
The kitchen is big and has great cabinets. The living room is large. There is a bonus room that was once the front porch that was walled in. We may make it a music room with lots of shelving. Someday it can be a great playroom.
The first bedroom is a decent size with a large closet. I noticed there were no lights in the room, so we need to keep that in mind.
The problem are is the bathroom/2nd bedroom. The bathroom is tiny. Which I can totally deal with. Grandma wants to take out the 2nd bedroom’s closet and build a new closet on another wall.
The biggest issue I have with the whole house is there is no shower in the bathroom. Just a tub and and shower hose. That will not work. And I know there is no shower because there is a window right above the bathtub. I suggested to Grandma getting the frosted glass brick to fill in the window and installing a shower. She liked that better than her original idea of simply bricking the window.
The basement has a lot of potential. There could be one or two more bedrooms and a family room down there one day. But right now it has junk and a shower that totally creeps me out but reminds Matt of fond memories from staying with his own grandmother.
Grandma reviewed that Heather had stopped by to visit her earlier today to see the new house.
Like, really Heather? What are you up to? She was up to no good. Matt theorizes Heather wanted to make sure she was still getting the better deal. Screw her.
It will be a couple of months before Grandma will let us move in. And with the amount if work that needs put in Matt and I see why she could be asking for rent. Not that she has yet. That $500 quote came from Mom, not Grandma. I could not think of a way to tactfully ask her what she was looking for in rent. And she did not bring it up. Once again I did offer Matt and I’s help with work on the house.
At least we will have a few months to save money bad get a game plan going. We still talk about possibly buying the house from Grandma. I think I would prefer that to renting if possible. With the principle payment being so low we could maybe pay it off in 15-20 years. It is an idea.

August 10th – Looking For Furniture!

Matt and I went to IKEA today with our game faces on!
We went through the store carefully considering any piece of furniture we may need for the house. I took pictures of the tags and the furniture while Matt wrote down on notecards for each room the name of the piece and price.
Except for a couch, we think we can get everything at IKEA. We did not find a couch we liked there in our desired price range. Plus, I think we need a couch with a pull-out bed for functionality. We think our best bet is to keep popping into other furniture stores and check their clearance items for this couch.
It looks like we can furnish the whole house wellfor just under $2,000 by my initial estimate of what Matt and I liked and thought we needed. Not too bad. I think Heather spent $3,000 furnishing her living room alone.
I really hope Matt gets a phone call early this week. Either another interview or a job offer. That would give me so much piece of mind. And u think it will take a huge burden off of Matt’s shoulders. Which have become rather buff, by the way. 💪
After lunch Matt and I went to a clinic about my cough. My terrible sore throat which turned into a cold with Niagara Falls pouring from face has now developed into a deep cough with some rattling in my lungs. Oh, and my breath smells like the inside of a vacuum cleaner. Yuck.
The doctor though I had a virus and potentially some bacteria. She gave me a steroid to help the bacteria and keep this from turning into bronchitis or pneumonia. Let’s face it; that is the last thing I need this summer.

August 8th and 9th – Possible Pneumonia and China Cabinets

I fear my cold may have developed into something worse. I now have a deep cough and I am hacking up the grossest things imaginable.
Last night I did not get to post because we had our first golf match. We won against one team and lost to the third team.
Dinner was mayhem. We went to Texas Roadhouse and our orders did not get put into the computers… Twice. Luckily the meals we eventually received were free. But it meant we did not get back to town until 11:00.
My cousin Justin had texted me to invite me to his house for a party last night. I thought that since Matt and I would practically be neighbors with him it would be a good idea to go whenever invited. I got there just before midnight.
At the auction Justin had purchased a china cabinet for $25. He took me to see it. It is beautiful!
He said he wanted something like that for his cabin, but did not want to use that one in particular because it was so nice. I bought it off him for $100.
So now Matt and I have a china cabinet!
I did not get back last night until after 2:00. Which made for a rough morning.
Matt’s family reunion was this afternoon. I felt that since I was (almost!) family I should bring a covered dish. So I made my buffalo chicken dip again.
I love how seamlessly I blend into his family. I feel like I have always known them. It is as if they were always meant to be a part of my life and they were waiting for me to find them.
Depending on how I feel tomorrow morning, I will maybe go to the medical express center here. We have three tournaments and two matches this week, so I will not have time to go the my doctor if I am sick. Tomorrow will be my only chance.

July 27th – IKEA!

I am exhausted. Strangely, I did not sleep well last night. Neither did Matt. He had to grab a second cup of coffee at church.
Matt and I looked at furniture at IKEA. Grandma is looking at purchasing her neighbor’s house at an auction in two weeks. She wants it to protect the farm and for a starter home for Matt and I.
We do not have a lot of money between the two of us. But luckily, this house is only two bedrooms and one bathroom. I think we can modestly furnish the house for under a thousand dollars.
Which is great because we are essentially broke.

July 12th and 13th – Home

I was exhausted last night. We came back early because the forecast looked terrible for today. Luckily we did. Only one boat came back today. The rest will wait to see if tomorrow is better.
An update on my friend, Jim, who fell in the marina and suffered a heart attack last Sunday night. They transferred him to the Cleveland Clinic. They are waiting for him to come out of the coma on his own. The latest word today was Jim was trying to move on his own. If he makes any recovery it will be a miracle. Thank you for your prayers.
My parents and I stopped at a big bridal store on the way home today. Mom is really out to change my mind on the non-traditional dress I love.
We found a dress similar to the one I love, but much more traditional. It has the shape I love.
My dress can come more “traditional” than the version I tried on. And the store can get it in so I can see it. So seeing a similar version of the dress just confirms to me the one I love is the one for me. Today’s dress was close, but it could not hold a candle to my dress.
Mom is now on the fence. Dad is nearly on board.
It is good to be home. I miss Matt badly. I cannot wait to see him tomorrow.